2PCS Memory Foam Pillow Contour Cooling Gel Head Neck Support Washable Case

$ 47.99 USD

Are you looking for a useful pillow to accompany you at night? Come and have a look at our new memory foam courted pillow. This pillow has a unique shape. It is courted, which provides therapeutic support for your head, neck, and shoulders. It helps you reduce your pains, aches, pressures and stiffness. You can keep away from waking up tired and exhausted every morning. Made of soft matFoam Pillowserials. this pillow is very comfortable. You will feel relieved when sleeping on it. Your sleeping quality will be greatly improFoam Pillowsved. And thanks to its cooling gel technology, it has a cool surface. It can diffuse heat and you can feel cool. what's more, this pillow is really easy to move, which makes it convenient for you to use. What a wonderful pillow! Don't hesitate! Come and buy one!<br>


High Quality!<br>
Innovative Courted Design<br>
Therapeutic Support To You Head, Neck And Shoulders<br>
Helps To Reduce Pain and Stiffness<br>

Soft And Comfortable<br>Improve Your Sleeping Quality<br>

Cooling Gel Surface To Make You Feel Cool<br>

Easy And Flexible To Use<br>

Material: Gel Tablets, Sponge And Air Layer Fabric<br>

Dimension: 23.6"X15.7"X4.7"(LXWXH)<br>

Product Weight: 7.7 lbs<br>

Package Include:2 X Pillow<br><br><br>