30x50cm Sleep Bamboo Fiber Slow Rebound Memory Foam Pillow Cervical Health Care

$ 27.99 USD
This amazing foam memory pillow is specially designed to mould to your shape to give optimal support and comfort. The foam quickly reverts to its original shape within seconds to ensure that you have a comfortable and restful night sleep regardless of your sleeping positions.

1.Includes free washable zippered soft terry cloth pillow cover
2.Contours to your neck & head for total support and comfort
3.Memory foam moulds to your head and neck for maximum support and comfort
4.Assists with reducing snoring, stress and insomnia
5.Helps Relieving back and neck pains
6.Bamboo fiber pillowcase which is sweat-absorbent,breathable,soft,smooth and can inhibits bacterial and acarus
7.Prevent neck wrinkles while you are sleeping
8.Size:30x50cm (Approx)
9.Pillow Material: high quality memory foam

Package includes:
1x Memory pillow