Lixada 10PCS Ultimate Resistance Band Set with Heavy Duty Rubber Resistance Bands Door Anchors Ankle Straps Foam Handles Storage Bag

$ 43.99 USD
This resistance band adopts pure natural latex material and assists fitness enthusiasts to do resistance exercise. It can improve muscle strength, body flexibility and physical mobility. You can use it to lose weight and exercise the body flexibility. This band set is very suitable for arm or leg strength enhancing activities, helping you to keep fit.
The resistance band set is packed in a small storage bag and extremely easy to set it up for workout at anywhere, saving time and space.
Features metal clipping system on bands for attaching to soft-grip handles or ankle straps.
This exercise bands set adopts eco-friendly foam to avoid slipping after sweating and offer buffer to bring a more comfortable grip.
The resistance set comes with rubber bands, handles, door anchor and ankle straps, allowing you to use resistance bands in different ways to exercise.
For different exercise intensity can be used alone or in any combine,according to your body.

Material: EVA + Rubber Latex
EVA Handle: 13.5cm / 5.3in
Door Anchors: 37cm / 14.5in
Ankle Strap: 22cm / 8.6in
Rubber Resistant Band: 144cm / 56.6in
EVA Handle: 87.9g / 3.1oz
Door Anchors: 38.6g / 1.3oz
Ankle Strap: 72g / 2.5oz
Rubber Resistant Band: 155g / 5.4oz
Package Size: 33 * 29 * 6cm / 12.9 * 11.4 * 2.3in
Package Weight: 1054g / 37.1oz
Package List:
2 * EVA Handle
1 * Door Anchors
2 * Ankle Strap
5 * Rubber Resistant Band