Pressure Reducing Flitemate Silicone Ear Plugs Reusable Comfortable Hearing Protection

$ 12.99 USD

Item Description:



· MaterialSilicone



· Size4.0*4.0*1.8 cm



· ColorBlue



· Item TypeSilicone Ear Plugs



· Quantity1pair



· Weight16g



· BrandComzendle







· Great for reducing pressure during altitude changes while flying and mountain driving.



· Soft silicone is non-toxic and contoured to comfortably fit the ear canal



· Flight-friendly earplugs are easy to wash and can be used multiple times



· Each pair comes with its own carrying case for travel convenience



· Noise Reduction Rating of 22 decibels (Nrr 22dB)




How to use:



· Remove the earplug and hold the earplug handle with one hand;



· The other hand will be inserted into the ear up and up (this point is critical) and hold, and then the ear plug round head toward the ear, slow, gentle and rotating into the ear;



· Hold the earbuds with your hand and fine-tune to a comfortable position so that it can be positioned correctly.




Package Included:



·  1pair Silicone Ear Plugs